Upgrading to 0.2.0

Legacy guide for upgrading an older Feedbacky version.


This section is intended to provide support for those who are upgrading older Feedbacky instances and can be skipped for new installations (1.0.0-RC.0 and up).



+ A new variable was added and must be present in your .env file in order for Feedbacky to work;

If you don't plan to use SendGrid as a mail provider there is no need to modify these values, just add them to your configuration file.

Type: string

Replace the apiKey value with your actual key.


+ Roadmaps were added in this version but Hibernate will auto magically include it in database.

+ Migrator will migrate every user automatically to enable mail preferences for a new Mail Notifications feature.


! If you use Mailgun as your mail provider, you must edit an existing variable in your .env file;

Type: string

Add /messages at the end of the end of your Mailgun base URL, as this portion is no longer handled by code.



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