What makes Feedbacky awesome.
* : Feature can be enabled or disabled.
** : Feature is only available to self-hosted instances.
*** : Feature is not available at the moment.


  • Simple and intuitive website navigation.
  • Fully open source, modify or inspect Feedbacky's code if needed.
  • Auto-magically switch to dark or light mode depending on your browser preferences.
  • Use changelogs to notify your customers of important addition, removal and changes to your product. *
  • Sort and track your ideas with your board's roadmap. *
  • Use a default custom profile picture for all of your customers. **



  • Use internal comments to discuss on an idea with your team.
  • Assign ideas that should be focused on to your team.
  • Pin ideas that need more engagement at the top of your board.
  • Use tags to sort ideas and track them in the roadmap.
  • Integrate Feedbacky with other services via Integrations.
  • Enhanced idea searching and filtering options.


  • Let your customers be notified of new updates on their ideas or ideas they are subscribed to.
  • Let your customer express themselves on your ideas and changelogs with reactions.
  • Use Webhooks to notify your customers of new ideas on other services.
  • Share ideas and changelogs on other social media.


  • Close/open ideas.
  • Disable/enable idea comments.
  • Edit the title of an idea.
  • Reset the total voted count of an idea.
  • Suspend board users.
  • Audit the moderation activity of your board. ***


  • Client-side email addresses are censored.
  • Let your customers anonymously vote on ideas when they are not logged in. *


  • No server-side password storing hassle, instead use OAuth with the provider of your choice or even your own custom OAuth implementation!