Case Studies

See how Feedbacky helps others with their products.


Case studies from people who have their board hosted on our cloud instance.

Discord Tickets

eartharoid uses Feedbacky to collect bot users' suggestions;

Feedbacky allows users to easily suggest new features to give me ideas for ways to improve the Discord Tickets bot and make it meet the users' needs.


Arcaniax Brennian uses Feedbacky to improve their Arceon Minecraft plugin;

I use Feedbacky for feedback on existing tools and also new tool ideas for my Patreon exclusive plugin called Arceon which features a lot of building tools.

Head Database

Arcaniax Brennian uses Feedbacky to collect Head Database feedback;

I gather feedback and new feature concepts that people would want in the Head Database plugin so I can improve it and also easily see what my customers want in the plugin.


ajgeiss0702 uses Feedbacky to make his plugin better;

Feedbacky is a very useful tool to help keep track of feature suggestions, when they would usually be forgotten about. It helps remove feature requests from bug reports, and gives users a place to feel heard.

Senior Teams

Agarwalpiryank uses Feedbacky to get staff feedback;

Getting feedback for the new features from 200+ freelancers within our team can be tricky. Feedbacky helps us keep everything organised in a clean manner!


Tigerpanzer_02 uses Feedbacky to meet is customers' needs;

With Feedbacky we can collect and sort the ideas of the customers in a structured way so that we always have an overview of which idea is most desired by all. The MurderMystery board lets us collect user feedback to improve our features and the quality over time.


Case studies from people who self-host their own Feedbacky instance.

Exvoid Network

Matou0014 uses Feedbacky to power their community;

Planning a gaming community and managing game servers as well is not always an easy feat. With Feedbacky, my team can keep track of each suggestions and bug reports, enabling us to always improve our work.

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